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Tips For Avoiding Road Debris

On January 15, several young adults were involved in a one-vehicle rollover accident. The 23-year-old driver swerved to avoid hitting a large tarp in the road. Unfortunately, the driver lost control of the vehicle and the vehicle rolled several times into the median, causing injury to the driver and front seat passenger. While small debris on the road is not uncommon, sometimes drivers panic when they see larger items on the roadway. Here are some tips to help protect you as well as others from suffering a car accident caused by debris on the road:

  • When you attach items to the top of your vehicle or put them in the bed of your truck, make sure all items are secure.
  • When traveling longer distances with items attached to your vehicle, when you stop for food or for a break, check over your vehicle to make sure all items are still securely attached. Reattach anything that is coming loose.
  • If anything falls out of or off your vehicle, pull over as soon as safely possible, and if safe to do so, retrieve the item or items.
  • Keep your vehicle in good repair to avoid having anything fall apart while you are driving.
  • Avoid driving close behind vehicles carrying items that may fall off of them.
  • Watch the road as far ahead as possible. Then you will be able to see and react to road hazards sooner. Be continuously aware of what you would do if you if suddenly encounter road debris.
  • When you see debris in the road ahead of you, if safe to do so, switch lanes.
  • Avoid suddenly swerving to avoid debris. You might hit another vehicle or go off the side of the road, causing greater damage to your vehicle and possibly to yourself and passengers.
  • If you must drive over debris, try to avoid hitting sharp objects with your tires. If you think your vehicle might have been damaged by the debris, pull off the road as soon as you can do so safely, and look over your vehicle. You may even want to have your vehicle checked by a mechanic.
  • To avoid having others hit the road debris, report it to the correct Indiana Department of Transportation district.

If you were hurt in an automobile accident where another driver was at fault, contact us. Our Indiana car accident lawyers want to make sure you are properly compensated for your injuries.

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