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Dangers of rollover accidents discussed by auto accident lawyers

Rollover accidents, in which a vehicle turns over, contributes to a disproportionately high rate of fatalities on the road.  Though in 2010, rollover accidents made up 2.1% of the millions of vehicular crashes, they were the cause of close to 35% of passenger vehicle accident deaths.

Even when they don’t lead to fatalities, these kinds of accidents often end up leaving people with debilitating injuries.  These include traumatic brain injuries and injuries to the spine that result in paralysis.  Survivors of these accidents could face devastating changes to their lives, multiple surgeries, long hospital stays, weeks of rehabilitation, and numerous visits to doctors.

recent rollover accident on I-70 highlights a common cause for such collisions: intoxication.  The driver, who along with his passenger suffered injuries, was driving under the influence; he struck the guard rail, and the vehicle overturned before landing again on its wheels.

The article reporting on the incident also points out that the passenger wasn’t wearing a seat belt.  Most people who die during rollover accidents aren’t wearing seat belts; although she appears to have survived in this case, the extent of her injuries could be extensive.  Without a seat belt, you’re more likely to get thrown around inside the vehicle or ejected from it totally or partially.

Although some factors, such as the type of vehicle, effect the likelihood of a rollover during a crash, irresponsible driver behavior often is a strong contributor.  Speeding or driving while intoxicated increases the likelihood of the driver losing control of the vehicle and having it rollover.  Rollover accidents endanger drivers, passengers, and anyone else on or near the road, including other motorists and pedestrians.

If you’re injured in such a crash, it’s important to contact experienced Indianapolis auto accident lawyers.  Your medical bills, damaged property, and missed days of work can put a serious dent in your finances. We will advocate for you when dealing with insurance companies and any parties responsible for the crash, helping you better cope and heal in the aftermath.

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