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The Dangers of Commercial Vehicles Can’t Be Overstated

Commercial trucks are all around us on the roads

When we talk about accidents involving “commercial” trucks it covers a broad scope of large vehicles.  It’s not just 18-wheelers.  It can also be dump trucks, delivery trucks, buses, or a variety of other big, heavy vehicles.  While all these vehicles serve a unique purpose, when you’re involved in an accident with one they have one thing in common:  accidents between them and a smaller passenger cars often end in tragedy.

That’s why we have to be incredibly careful when traveling around commercial vehicles.  Unfortunately, we can’t always account for how safely they’re driving, we can only account for ourselves.  A recent accident was a heartbreaking reminder of just how severe one of these wrecks can be when we let down our guard.

Apparently a young couple was driving near Indianapolis Blvd when a heated argument led to them spinning into the center lane and into the path of an approaching charter bus.  Their car was struck head-on, and the young man in the passenger’s seat lost his life.

In an instant a commercial truck accident can change lives, can end lives.  Maybe you were in a truck accident.  Maybe you’re hurt and don’t know what to do.  So what if you were doing everything right, obeying every traffic law, being cautious, but you were still hit by a big truck?

If you were injured in a big truck accident, chances are you’re in pain and wondering how you’re going to cover your medical expenses.  Well, the Ken Nunn Law Office believes that if that accident wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t be the one that has to pay.

We also know the tactics trucking companies will use to get out of paying  you what you truly deserve.  But you should know that we bring 45 years of experience to every fight.

Put Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyers on Your Side!

If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident in Indiana contact the Ken Nunn Law Office for a FREE case review.  Contact us by phone at (800) CALL-KEN or online by filling out our form.

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