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Talcum Powder

Talcum Powder Lawsuit | Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer

For years, women have used talcum powder or baby powder as a personal hygiene product. It has been marketed as a way to keep women clean and dry, and Johnson & Johnson has encouraged women to use it around their genital area with products like Shower to Shower. Talcum powder was marketed this way even though studies indicate that there is a link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer.

The Link Between Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

The first study that indicated that there might be a connection between talcum powder and ovarian cancer was conducted in 1971. Research in Wales found particles of talc embedded deep within ovarian and cervical tumors. Since then, additional studies have also indicated a connection between talcum powder products like Shower to Shower and Baby Power and ovarian cancer.

Studies vary on the actual percentage of increased risk for ovarian cancer.

  • One study indicated  a 44% increased risk of ovarian cancer for African American women if they used talc for feminine hygiene
  • A study conducted in 2003 showed a 33 percent increase in ovarian cancer for those who regularly used talc
  • Talc use generally was associated with a 36 percent increase in ovarian cancer occurrence.
  • One study from 1982 showed a jaw-dropping 92 percent increase in the risk

Effects of Ovarian Cancer on You and Your Family

Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Approximately 20,000 women are diagnosed with this type of cancer each year.

Cancer generally is extremely difficult on an individual and their loved ones. It can be even more difficult for those going through ovarian cancer because the treatments are more evasive and life-altering.

“One study indicated a 44% increased risk of ovarian cancer for African American women if they used talc for feminine hygiene”

A cancer diagnosis often means a dramatic shift in your everyday life. You may not be able to work, play with children, or do a wide variety of things that you used to enjoy. Ultimately, ovarian cancer can take the lives of our loved ones right out from under us.

An ovarian cancer diagnosis also means that you have significant financial burdens as well. Medical costs are substantial, even if you have great insurance. You likely will not be able to work for some time, which takes a hit on your income as well.

Fighting Back Against the Cause of Your Ovarian Cancer

You do not have to take this lying down. If your ovarian cancer may have been caused by the talcum power in products like Baby Powder and Shower to Shower, you have legal options.

Ken Nunn understands what you are going through and will work hard for you and your family to assert your legal rights on your behalf. Getting compensation in a talcum powder lawsuit may not bring you back your health, but it can get you the compensation you deserve to help pay for medical bills and other expenses. It may also force Johnson & Johnson to change their marketing so no other woman has to suffer from ovarian cancer because of a product that was supposed to be safe to use. Call the Ken Nunn Law Office for more information today.

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