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Just two weeks ago we were praising the extraordinary efforts of a few truck drivers that saved a fellow Hoosier from a burning vehicle. It was amazing to see people being so selfless and courageous, risking their lives to save another. You have to wonder if you’d be brave enough to do the same thing if you were in a similar situation. Well, three Indianapolis police officers proved that they definitely were last Friday night.

An IMPD police Sergeant saw someone waving for help while driving along I-465. To his horror he saw an SUV engulfed in flames, and a man trapped inside. Around 11pm the man had wrecked the vehicle and it caught fire before he was able to escape the wreckage.

Two officers were already on the scene, desperately trying to save the man and the Sergeant quickly joined their efforts. But the situation was worsening. “It was very hot, it was smoke-filled.” He recalls, “We were trying to get the gentleman out of the car, the vehicle was actually hot, so I personally tried to get the door open, but couldn’t get it open.”

Three IMPD officers saved a man from a burning vehicle after a car accident.The flames were intense; the tires had already exploded from the heat. The smoke was black and thick and it was difficult to see, but this didn’t stop the officers from continuing to try to pull the trapped man to safety. One of them reached inside and actually caught fire himself. He held onto the trapped man while the other officers pulled on his gun belt. The man was finally pulled from the blazing vehicle and taken to safety.

Bystanders rushed in to smother the flames. The officers were taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation and one was treated for second degree burns to his hands and face. The man they saved suffered life-threatening third degree burns across his entire body as well as suffering internal injuries from the wreck. He’s still in critical condition, but he’s been given a chance of survival by the actions of our brave IMPD officers.

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