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A 79-year-old man from LaGrange failed to stop at a stop sign Friday morning at the worst possible moment. The LaGrange man and his 84-year-old passenger were heading south on County Rd. 300 East in his 2008 PT Cruiser when he ran the sign and collided with a school bus carrying six children.

The Blue Bird school bus was traveling west on County Rd. 600 North when the accident occurred. The resulting collision left the PT Cruiser’s occupants pinned inside the demolished vehicle.

Motor vehicles contain several types of flammable substances including gas and oil, and in a severe crash, gas tanks and fuel lines can be ruptured or punctured, spilling this combustible liquids. Several ignition sources can also be found in your car, from hot exhaust systems to electrical devices to air bag detonators.

In the Noble County accident these elements were combined and the car burst into flames; the occupants still trapped inside. According to officials on the scene, a passerby came to the rescue. With two fire extinguishers, they were able to douse the flames before any catastrophic injuries were sustained by the frightened couple.

Fiery Crash in Noble CountyOnce emergency responder arrived, they were able to free the man and woman, who were treated for neck and shoulder pain at Parkview Noble Hospital. The bus driver and the children inside were not reported to have been injured.

Other Causes of Car Fires

Accidents are the common cause of devastating car fires in Indiana, but there are many others. It can be design flaws such as wiring failure, which causes electrical shorts and sparks. A gas tank could have been incorrectly positioned by the manufacturer. Or defective fuel lines can leak highly flammable and noxious fluids.

Poor maintenance is also a common factor. Following your mechanic’s directions on upkeep and regularly having your vehicle’s fluids and systems checks can a go a long way in preventing a disastrous fire.

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