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The Indiana state government released their latest annual traffic accident statistics. It was compiled by several state agencies including the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute and the Center for Criminal Justice Research.


About 188,132 traffic accidents produced injury or property damage, which represented a 2.5 decrease from the previous year. About 674 collisions resulted in 749 fatalities, which was a 3.9 percent decrease.

  • The chief cause of 19.4 percent of all fatal traffic accidents was speed, a 5.6 percent decrease.
  • Almost the same percentage of the fatal crashes involved a blood alcohol level above 0.08.
  • Crashes involving motorcycles increased by 3.6 percent to 2,284, while deaths from such collisions increased 6.4 percent to 117.


Of the drivers involved in the accidents, about 56 percent were male.

  • The highest number of collisions belonged to 16-and-17-year-olds. However, the highest rate of fatal collisions belonged to drivers from 18 through 20 years old.
  • Those aged 55 through 74 showed the lowest rates of collisions.
  • About 48 percent of those killed were restrained.
  • Of the 80 non-motorists killed, 64 were pedestrian, 13 rode bicycles, and 4 were in animal-drawn vehicles


Because of these statistics, the state government implemented a highway safety plan for 2013.

  • One of the primary goals is to reduce the number of yearly traffic deaths to 496 by 2027.
  • To reach its objectives, the plan includes data collection and education on alcohol, seat belt use, young drivers, motorcycles, and dangerous driving.
  • It also provides funds for community traffic safety programs that include developing media, meeting with law enforcement to develop traffic safety policies, and additional training of police officers and attorneys on investigating and prosecuting traffic violators

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