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It’s a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning in Indianapolis, and you are heading home, anticipating a relaxing day watching sports on TV. The only thing you need to do is stop at the store for some snacks and some essentials before the game. Your mind is occupied with thoughts of the big game – Will my team win or not? What do I want for snacks? Hopefully the darn cable won’t go out again! And then it happens… out of nowhere another car collides with you.

An Indianapolis car accident reminds us that they can happen at anytime.That may very well have been the scenario on September 9th around noon on Near-Northside in Indianapolis. A man driving a Pontiac G-5 was traveling on Meridian Street collided with a Mitsubishi Lancer that was driving eastbound on 11th Street. The Lancer was driven by a woman with her school-age son riding in the front passenger seat.

The man was trapped in his Pontiac and rescue crews had to cut him out of the car. While his injuries were minor, he was transported to Methodist Hospital for observation. The driver of the Mitsubishi and her son sustained non -life threatening injuries and were taken to St. Vincent Hospital for treatment.

“What Happened After the Car Accident in Indianapolis?”

Indianapolis Metro Police are investigating the accident and have not determined who was at fault. After their investigation is completed the party determined to have caused the accident will be held accountable.

While it is certain that some sort of traffic violation occurred, what of the civil liabilities incurred? Cars have been damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. Medical bills could reach into the thousands of dollars just for the initial treatments. Further treatment may be required, resulting in further costs.

Insurance companies may pay only a fraction of the expenses, leaving you responsible and on the hook for the remainder. While the criminal courts will hold the guilty party accountable, they will not hold them responsible for the civil responsibilities. That is where civil litigation comes in.

Car Accident Lawyers in Indianapolis

The civil court system is a complex maze best navigated by those specifically trained to do so. Who do you turn to when faced by a nightmare such as this? The Ken Nunn Law Office.

Indianapolis injury lawyers at the Ken Nunn Law Office have been protecting the people of Indiana for more than 42 years. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, contact Ken Nunn today. Time is of the essence and Ken is waiting to help you get the justice you deserve.

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