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Hurt In Any Accident?

After a car accident, an Indianapolis car accident lawyer is going to act as legal guardian in more ways than one for you in helping you gain compensation and what you say in public. Unfortunately, far too many people say things publicly they shouldn’t after experiencing a car accident. One aspect to that is communicating with insurance companies and getting wrapped into doing their bidding. Without a lawyer, an insurance company may convince you to settle early rather than seek out a higher settlement.

That’s just one thing we’ll handle when you choose us to represent you here at Ken Nunn Law Office. But possibly the worst offender of all when it comes to public communication is social media. With many using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks every day, it’s clear social media is the most dangerous soap box when it comes to the law.

What things will we help you avoid on social media if you’ve just been in a car accident? The possibilities of things being twisted legally are more significant than you may initially think.

Making Statements About Your Accident Online

If you plan to seek compensation from a negligent driver who caused your accident and injuries, saying things on Twitter about the case could come back and haunt you later. Insurance companies and even the legal team of the negligent driver know that social media is a hotbed for free-willed postings that could easily be used against someone when they are pursuing a claim

Any statements you make about your own car accident on a place like Twitter or Facebook will go public (if you choose to make your tweets public) and easily used by an opposing legal team. In times of stress, you might say things in a way that are less than eloquent. Just one statement that might make it look like you had some negligence in causing the accident could be printed and used as evidence against you during litigation.

This has always been the beauty and curse of the law: A sentence that isn’t carefully thought out can be twisted numerous different ways.

When we represent you, we’ll take over all your communication so you don’t have to worry about being the only voice speaking. With our years of legal experience, we know what to say to the public and in working with insurance companies. Overall, though, we’ll likely suggest you avoid social media until after your case is settled. In an instance where you absolutely insist on posting something on social media, we’ll advise you on what to say or not say.

Contact us here at Ken Nunn Law Office if you’ve just been in an accident and you’ve gone on social media to share your feelings. We’ll help guide you through your injury claim so the results of your case will be a positive one rather than an opposing legal team stretching litigation for months or years.

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