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People can receive serious burn injuries in a number of situations including motor vehicle, construction and industrial accidents, as well as unsafe premises and negligence by other people. Burns can be particularly hard to recover from as they may require intense treatment, may cause other health issues, and can also lead to lost time, lost wages, pain and suffering. Indianapolis injury lawyers will fight for those who have been burned by fire, explosion or chemicals.

The severity of a burn is classified by how deep the burn goes beneath the skin and into the tissue below it. A superficial burn damages only the top layer of skin. A second degree burn damages the second layer of skin, and a third degree burn involves the subcutaneous layer including fat. While a superficial burn may be healed in about a week, a third degree burn destroys the layers of skin and requires skin grafts. Fourth degree burns extend to underlying tissue, including muscle and ligaments, and are often life threatening.

The most common cause of death amongst burn victims is inhalation injury, in which an individual’s pulmonary system is damaged by the burn and he or she is unable to breathe. The risk of infection at the site of the burn is also of particular concern for burn victims as inadequate blood flow can cause the area to become nectrotic. Other complications from burn injuries include disfigurement and even amputation.

Burn treatment in more serious cases can involve pressure bandages to prevent scarring, as well as skin grafts to replace damaged tissue. Skin taken from unburned areas of the individual’s body or from a donor or skin bank can be used. Some issues faced by skin graft recipients includes weakened skin, the inability to sweat, and changes in sensation at the graft site. Additional procedures may be needed if the recipient’s body rejects the grafts or if the recipient has larger or multiple areas in need of the procedure.

If you or a loved one has received burn injuries due to an accident or negligence and you need legal representation, contact us. We will fight the insurance companies to get you the money you deserve.

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