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Rarely is an Indiana car accident not a tragedy. Even minor accidents can lead to major bills that will drastically alter a victim’s life. Unfortunately a lot of auto accidents aren’t minor and end in serious injuries or worse, death. The amount of heartbreak that comes along with losing a loved one in an accident is immense, so the thought of losing both your parents and children in one terrible wreck is unimaginable.

For an Indiana couple this nightmare became a reality after a recent car wreck in Northern Indiana. Their children were traveling in the backseat of their grandparents’ car, when they collided with the side of a pickup truck. The pickup was forced off the road and into a ditch, while the couple‘s car ended up in the path of another oncoming truck.

The two vehicles collided head-on. The driver of the pickup wasn’t injured in the accident, but the grandparents along with the oldest sibling were killed in the violent crash. The two other children were rushed to a hospital in Lafayette with life-threatening injuries.

A head-on collision in northern Indiana leaves four family members dead.

The summer months often see an increase in Indiana car accidents. Traffic swells with out of school teen drivers and people heading out for vacations, while additional road construction can lead to congestion. Also, there are more motorcycles, bicyclists, and pedestrians looking to take advantage of the nice weather. The more people on Indiana streets and highways, the more chances for tragedy, and all the more reason to be extra cautious while driving.

Indiana Car Accident Attorneys

Safety should always be your number one priority when driving. But if the worse does happen and you end up being injured in an accident, get help from an experienced car accident attorney with a proven record in settling auto accident claims.

The Ken Nunn Law Office knows Indiana law, they know car accident claims, and they’ve been fighting for accident victims in Indianapolis, Lafayette, South Bend, Fort Wayne, and throughout Indiana for over 40 years.

Don’t wait. If you’ve been hurt in an accident, contact the Ken Nunn Law Office today and let them fight to get you the compensation you really deserve.

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