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Recently, a horrifying accident took place in Kosciusko County on U.S. 30. According to local news reports, a semi rear-ended a pick-up truck that had come to a stop at a red light. The pick-up truck went up in flames and also hit another vehicle. Both the driver and passenger in the pick-up truck passed away.

Another article about the incident posed a question in its title: “Dangerous road or dangerous drivers?” The reasoning behind this question was that some stretches of road have a higher than average rate of accidents. Indiana’s Department of Transportation had previously made modifications to the stretch of highway where this recent fatal accident took place, in order to try and make it more safe.

So when considering why an accident took place, one can ask if it’s the road itself or the way the drivers behave on it.

There’s no doubt that road conditions might contribute to an elevated rate of accidents. For example, the following conditions might play a role in traffic collisions:

  • A road surface slick with ice or rain.
  • A lack of clear signage or traffic signals.
  • Frequent sharp turns and poor visibility for what’s up ahead.
  • Crumbling infrastructure (for example, accidents can occur when a bridge collapses).

However, even when road conditions are poor, it’s important to remember that human error usually plays a major role in auto accidents. Driver behavior can exacerbate a poor road condition; for example, drivers might get into an accident on a road with many sharp turns because they’re speeding and lose control of their vehicle.

The “Dangerous road or dangerous drivers?” article mentions that one of the dangers of the U.S. 30 is that it’s often a boring route. So what can happen? Drivers might tune out from their surroundings or turn to distractions such as texting to help alleviate boredom. As a result, they might not brake on time to avoid a collision with another vehicle.

Indianapolis auto accident lawyers can help you figure out what contributed to an accident. In most cases, it will be human error. Don’t hesitate to contact us, as we can help you cope with the consequences of another driver’s mistakes on the road.

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