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DES, or diethylstilbestrol, was prescribed in the 1930s to the 1970s to ‘prevent miscarriage, premature births and other problems.’ But the drug was pulled after a nearly 40 year run when it was found that it was not only ineffective at preventing miscarriages but was actually linked to cases of rare vaginal cancer in the daughters of DES users.

The Indianapolis-based company, Eli Lilly and Co, were one of the manufacturers of DES and are now being brought to trial. The company is being sued by four sisters who all claim to have suffered horrific consequences after their mother used DES while pregnant. The sisters have all been diagnosed with breast cancer along with several life-altering reproductive issues.

The use of DES by a pregnant woman may be leading to serious issues with their daughters.The link seems even clearer as it’s revealed that there was also a fifth sister who has not suffered from any reproductive issues or breast cancer. She was also the only sister in which the mother didn’t use DES during her pregnancy.

The sisters have gone through multiple invasive and life-changing surgeries to battle their cancer including chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and even mastectomies. Now they’re seeking justice against the company whose negligence may have forever affected their lives.

They’re not alone. Fifty-one women are also joining in DES lawsuits against multiple companies that manufactured the drug. Thousands of cases have already been settled over the years and it seems more are still to come.

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If you’ve suffered a prescription drug injury, the consequences can be devastating, even deadly. You have the right to fight back against the drug manufacturers, but you’ll want an Indianapolis injury attorney with the resources and experience to win your case.

The Ken Nunn Law Office has been serving the injured in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana for 45 years. Let Ken Nunn fight for you. Contact him today for a free review of your drug injury case.

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