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Basketball player Devin Davis, a forward for Indiana University’s Hoosiers, was hospitalized recently with a head injury. As reported by ESPN, his head trauma stemmed from an accident that investigators have said was brought about largely through his own actions.

Davis had been dropped off at a parking lot by one of his teammates, Emmitt Holt. Apparently, when Holt began to drive away, Davis jumped in front of his car.

Both athletes appear to have been drinking prior to the incident; Holt’s blood alcohol content was .025, which is below the limit of .08 for drivers 21 and older. However, he was still cited for illegal alcohol consumption and operating a vehicle under the influence, given that he is a teenager. Still, Davis’s behavior as a pedestrian was deemed the accident’s primary cause.

Accidents involving teenagers

Teenagers, as a group, tend to be more impulsive and reckless than older adults. Their irresponsible behavior can extend to circumstances involving motor vehicles.

Many accidents stem from a moment’s recklessness, and the results can be devastating. And there are also some differences with gender. For instance, when it comes to teens ages 16 to 19, the CDC mentions that in 2011 the rate of death for male drivers and passengers was nearly twice as much as the rate for females.

The following are some factors that can contribute to teenage driver accidents:

  • Underestimating the risks of a situation.
  • Showing off for friends.
  • Playing pranks.
  • Getting distracted.
  • Failing to properly weigh the consequences of actions.

Davis is expected to survive his injuries, probably without paralysis, but it will take time for him to recover. The full effects of his injuries still aren’t clear.

Regardless of an accident’s circumstances, it may be necessary to contact an attorney for assistance in obtaining coverage for the costs in the aftermath. As Indianapolis accident lawyers, we work with many clients who have suffered from preventable accidents. We have helped them work with insurance companies and, when relevant, obtain compensation from the parties responsible. We have also seen enough heartache and struggle to urge people to be more cautious, especially in situations involving motor vehicles.

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