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Daylight Saving Time made us lose an hour over the weekend, and while some of us weren’t thrilled to get less sleep, the time change can actually cause more serious problems. There’s an adjustment period that immediately follows the change, especially for those that commute early in the morning. If you’re getting up early to head to work or school, it’s going to be dark when you first get out on the road, so you’re going to want to be extra cautious.

It’s believed that the time change may have played a factor in an accident that left a teen seriously injured early Monday morning. The young man and two of his friends were crossing the street on their way to school shortly after 7am. It was still dark and the area was poorly lit, which may have been the reason why an approaching driver didn’t see the young man and failed to avoid hitting him. The teen was airlifted to Indiana University Health’s Riley Hospital for Children, where he’s still in critical condition. His family has rallied around him and are praying for his recovery.

Daylight Saving Time is believed to be a factor in an Indianapolis injury accident.The family is also upset that the area where the accident occurred doesn’t have any lights to warn drivers that there’s a crosswalk. They also believe that a crossing guard in the area would go a long way in keeping the students safe.

One thing that we can do as motorists is be extremely careful when driving in the coming weeks, especially in the early morning hours. Officials from local schools are also offering safety tips to the parents of students that walk or take the bus to school. They suggest that you wait with your children at the bus stop and dress your kids in light-colored clothing.

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Protecting our children should always be a top priority, but unfortunately accidents can still happen. After you or a loved one has been hurt in an auto accident in Indianapolis you’re probably going to have questions. Get the answers and guidance you need by contacting the Ken Nunn Law Office.

The experienced and compassionate accident attorneys at the Ken Nunn Law Office can help you through this troubling time by fighting to get you fairly compensated, so your family can focus on recovering. Let us get started on your Indianapolis car accident claim with a free case review today.

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