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Four Kokomo doctors have been charged in the deaths of at least 27 of their patients. There is a real loss for words when it’s considered the depth and scope of this tragedy. Doctors are supposed to help us get better; we are almost programmed to trust them. Of course, we realize that all people can make mistakes, but 27 mistakes that lead to death – that is something else. This unfortunate Indiana medical malpractice situation has many of the hallmarks of ‘wrongful death’.

It appears that prescriptions for narcotic drugs were being over-prescribed at the Wagoner Medical Center in Kokomo, Indiana and many of the deaths were related to narcotic drug overdoses. It is hard to even imagine the amount of suffering caused to 27 families by the loss of their loved ones, the realization that it probably could have been prevented, and the difficulty of potential criminal and civil trials.

Four doctors charged for malpractice in wrongful death of Indiana patients.A wrongful death in Indiana is generally considered when the death occurs due to someone’s negligent act or their omission of a generally accepted act. These doctors in Kokomo, Indiana are also being investigated for ‘dealing in controlled substances,’ which means that the authorities have real evidence of negligence. Who else, besides a doctor, truly knows and understands the medical issues surrounding addictions and the abuse of potent pain killing narcotics.

The wrongs that appear to have been committed by these doctors are mind-boggling. This is why we believe if you or a loved one has been treated poorly or unfairly by a medical professional, or worse, had a loved one pass away in a negligent circumstance, you should contact a qualified and experienced injury attorney to explore the details of your case. Without victims asking questions, many perpetrators get away with their negligent acts.

Wrongful Death Lawyers Indianapolis

If you are located in Indiana and believe you have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, please contact the wrongful death attorneys at the Ken Nunn Law Office. We offer free case reviews to the surviving families of wrongful death victims, so contact us right away.

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