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One year ago, the Indiana State Fairgrounds was the setting of a heartbreaking disaster; chaos and fear erupted throughout the grounds as a massive stage collapsed. Twelve months later and the fairgrounds were deafly quiet as a moment of silence was observed for those that were killed in the tragic accident. We join them in keeping those that were lost, their families, and those that were injured in our thoughts.

The terror of that night is still fresh in many people’s minds and some are still recovering from the injuries they themselves sustained. On August 13 of 2011, strong winds swept across the fair as hundreds waited for a popular music act to take the main stage. The winds continued to increase and soon overwhelmed the temporary stage, sending tons of steel, wood, and equipment plummeting to the ground.

A moment of silence was observed for those that died in an Indianapolis accident.Nearly 12,000 people watched in horror as the stage collapsed onto the crowd of unsuspecting fans. Many of the concert goers selflessly rushed to the aid of the injured, attempting to rescue them from the wreckage. Ultimately 7 people were killed and dozens of others were seriously hurt, the biggest tragedy at the state fair in nearly 50 years.

300 people gathered at a memorial near the grandstand Monday night, and the moment of silence was observed from 8:46 to 8:50pm as the names of the victims were read over the loud speaker.

In the Wake of the Injury Accident in Indianapolis

Investigations into the accident showed that the stages’ rigging didn’t meet building code standards and the fair didn’t have proper safety plans for large scale emergencies. New regulations have since been put into place.

With several survivors and the families of victims still suffering, the state has paid $5 million in damages, the cap set by state law. An additional $6 million has also been added to the previous $7.2 million that will be paid by the owners and engineers of the faulty stage. 51 of the 62 accident victims have already applied for these funds which enters them into an agreement not to sue the companies.

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