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Just last week we found out that a jury had returned a guilty verdict in a Fort Wayne, Indiana case in which a young woman was convicted of battery with a deadly weapon, criminal recklessness, and failure to stop at the scene of an accident resulting in injury. What makes this so much worse is that it appears to have been an intentional assault.

It seems the young woman ‘ran down’ her ex-boyfriend intentionally, following an argument the two were having. Many of us have probably had arguments with loved-ones, friends, and family…but to get into a car and try to hurt them is unfathomable.

A Fort Wayne woman was convicted of running down her boyfriend and causing serious injury.The young man involved in this Fort Wayne car accident ended up with a compound fracture in his leg among other injuries. Fortunately, he wasn’t killed which would have made an ‘assault with a deadly weapon charge’ into a murder charge.

We were struck that the young man testified that he still had feelings for his assailant, even though their volatile relationship led to her assaulting him. It’s not uncommon to see injured people in Indiana who are reluctant to seek criminal charges or financial compensation because of an emotional attachment.

Our lives are meant to be lived as safely as possible, but sometimes the actions of another person infringe upon that desire and right. If that happens we become participants in a system that is meant to ensure we recover as quickly as possible. In the medical sense most of us will go to the doctor or hospital, but in the personal sense, it is not uncommon for injured parties to seek injury attorneys to recoup medical expenses, lost wages, lost investments (i.e.: a hurt college student who does not finish a paid for semester), and to have their pain and suffering considered.

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In Indiana, you have the right to have the entire circumstances surrounding your injury evaluated. At the Ken Nunn Law Office we recognize that for some people contacting an Indianapolis injury lawyer may be a hard decision, but we believe that it’s an important one as well.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by someone else’s actions please contact the Ken Nunn Law Office today. We here to help you better understand your options and legal rights and provide free case reviews to people all across the state of Indiana.

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