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As Indiana truck accident attorneys, it often makes us wonder what goes wrong when a professional driver, someone who has been trained to handle ‘big rigs’ and earned a commercial driver’s license, is found to be the cause of an accident.  Living in Indiana, we know that our highways are flooded with these commercial trucks and there are many times we have been in awe of the skills needed to control these vehicles.

Here in Indiana we have had more than our share of fatal big truck accidents and we were saddened to hear that recently a commercial truck accident north of Indianapolis has left a person dead.  It appears that traffic was slowing down and that drivers were responding appropriately when a tractor trailer failed to notice the slowing traffic and crushed a passenger car into the back of another large commercial truck. This truck accident instantly killed the driver of the car.

Indiana truck accident lawyers detail an 18 wheeler accident north of Indianapolis.What happens after a big truck accident in Indiana?

Sometimes we talk about responsibility and we note that insurance companies and police will investigate and try to determine what happened. Well, today the driver of the negligent truck was arrested on the scene and charged with vehicular homicide. Apparently the officers on the scene were convinced of the circumstances immediately and responded with the arrest.

Indiana Truck Accident Lawyer

Once again this was a professional driver who, we assume, was highly trained and paid to drive and yet he failed to notice a change in the traffic pattern and his resulting negligence left an innocent man dead. This is not acceptable and here at the Ken Nunn law offices we offer our condolences to the family of the deceased.

Trucking companies are required to maintain their vehicles and their drivers are to be certified by the Department of Transportation.  But unfortunately, some companies cut corners either in maintaining their trucks or in properly training the drivers.

The Indiana personal injury lawyers at the Ken Nunn Law Office have been settling big truck accident cases in Indianapolis, Bloomington, Evansville, Fort Wayne, and throughout Indiana for over 40 years, and they’ll fight to get you the maximum compensation after you’ve been hurt.

If you’ve been injured in an Indiana tractor trailer accident, don’t wait.  Contact Indiana injury lawyers at the Ken Nunn Law Office and let them get started on your claim today with a free case review.

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