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Just a few weeks ago we were discussing an incident in Washington state where a semi-truck clipped a bridge and brought the whole structure down. Well, here in Indianapolis tractor trailers do damage to our infrastructure as well.

Just last weekend a downtown overpass was struck by not one but two semi-trucks. The Virginia Avenue overpass over Interstate 65/ Interstate 70 was the target for two trucks that either didn’t know how tall their loads were or weren’t aware of the low clearance of the bridge. According to one driver hauling concrete molds, “I seen this one looked too close, so I stopped, eased up against it and it touched.” He blamed the incident on a lack of markers and believed the overpass was cracked which caused it to settle down lower than it should be. He was ultimately ticketed for driving an oversized load.

That stretch of road had already been closed once this year while repairs were done to the overpass after a serious crash in February. In downtown Indy oversized permits aren’t even granted to big trucks because of low bridges, but these wrecks still occur. Officials believe this most often happens because the truck loads are either not correctly measured or the drivers stray from permitted routes. One State Police Sgt. stated, “They need to know what the height is on their load every time.”

Now the Indiana Department of Transportation is taking a hard look at that overpass and weighing their options. They’re considering either raising the bridge or lowering the pavement below. Either way it seems like a headache for city officials.

Semi trucks do damage to overpass

Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck drivers have a responsibility to drive safely because when they don’t it’s usually others that pay the price. But if you’ve been hurt by a big truck in Indianapolis, you could be entitled to receive financial compensation for your injuries.

Going up against trucking companies and their insurance isn’t easy which is why you need to put a fighter like Ken Nunn on your side. Ken Nunn has been serving victims of truck accidents in Indiana for over forty-five years, and he can help you too.

But don’t wait. If you’ve been injured by a semi-truck, contact us right away. We can get started with a free case review and remember – we never see a dime until you do!

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