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We’ve spent time in the past discussing the often overlooked destructive power of big trucks, but a recent semi-truck accident has made that power undeniable. has posted an incredibly in-depth look at a recent truck accident in Washington state that brought down an entire bridge last Thursday.

Apparently a tractor trailer was hauling drilling equipment when it bumped into the frame of a bridge that spanned the Skagit River. The truck driver didn’t think much of it and kept driving but he got the shock of a lifetime when he looked in his rearview mirror. A chunk of the bridge collapsed into the icy water and took with it two vehicles.

Officials are wondering if this is a structural issue that might be seen in other bridges across the country, but the responsibility of the truck driver cannot be overlooked. According to police, a corner of the top of the truck ‘struck several of the bridge’s trusses.’ The clearance on the bridge is apparently a standard 14.6ft, but the unusual load on the truck was just too high. A Department of Transportation spokesperson said that the trucking company had approval for the truck’s route on I-5 but “It’s ultimately up to the trucking company to figure out whether it can get through.”

The scariest part of the whole ordeal is that fact that two cars found themselves plummeting into the water without warning. Fortunately everyone involved survived what must have been a terrifying 25 foot fall.

The bridge had been inspected and repaired in the prior year and showed no signs of being defunct or dangerous. The truck driver won’t be facing any charges for his part in the collapse. It’s estimated that it’s going to cost nearly $15 million to repair the bridge.

Indianapolis Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers

Excuses from trucking companies won’t be enough if you’ve been seriously injured in a truck accident. You need compensation to help cover the mountain of medical bills, and the Ken Nunn Law Office wants to fight to get you the money you deserve.

We know the tactics used by big trucking companies and their insurance because we’ve been fighting back against them for 45 years. So, if you or a loved one have suffered an injury in a big truck accident in Indianapolis, contact the Ken Nunn Law Office for a free review of your case.

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