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While car accidents can be a horrible occurrence, semi accidents can and very often are even more destructive. These accidents often cause private property damage, infrastructure damage, serious injuries, and sadly, loss of life.

Thursday afternoon a semi hauling diesel fuel had a deadly collision with a passenger car driven by a 71-year-old man. This collision occurred in late afternoon at the beginning of rush hour and closed part of I-74 eastbound until noon last Friday. Witnesses have stated that the semi sideswiped the passenger car, causing the tanker trailer to flip over and burst into flames. The passenger car finally came to rest in the median near the burning semi. The elderly driver of the passenger car was able to escape, however the driver of the semi was not and died at the scene.

A fiery accident in Indianapolis was caused by an overturned tractor trailer.The flames and explosions were so hot the Department of Transportation has to replace the entire portion of the roadway involved in the crash. According to Lora Anderson, “It was just terrible, just big black smoke and flames everywhere….I was sitting in my front room and I heard a big boom… I called 911 as soon as I could, I tried to get them out here… but it just kept blowing up, blowing up. I just hope God is with his family right now, because the tanker didn’t make it.”

The costs involved in an accident of this magnitude are staggering to calculate. There is the cost to the individuals such as medical bills for an elderly man put though major cardiac trauma and smoke inhalation. There’s even the property damage to his vehicle, not to mention the damage the semi did to the roadway. These are just a few of the initial and obvious costs involved, which just scratch the surface.

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To truly navigate the complex legalities involved with insurance, the law, and making sure the little guy isn’t forgotten, you need an experienced injury lawyer. Ken Nunn is an Indianapolis accident lawyer with the skills to make sure you get the compensation you deserve and the compassion to care about your individual case.

If you or your loved ones have been involved in any type of accident, don’t hesitate to contact us. We all know insurance companies have the bottom line in mind, not paying what you actually deserve. Let Ken Nunn and his team fight for you.

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