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The weekend was a particularly dangerous time for Indianapolis bike riders.  Two separate accidents in the city ended in tragedy.  Now advocates are making a plea for all riders to wear a helmet anytime they get on a bike.  Hopefully, this simple act of responsibility will save lives.

High-traffic cyclist area, the Monon Trail, usually sees only about half the riders wearing helmets.  A common excuse for not putting on a helmet is that the hot summer heat makes wearing one uncomfortable.  But the importance can’t be overstated.  Monon Trail was the site of a deadly accident in June and is now the place of a memorial in honor of the cyclist that lost his life.

One accident survivor shared her story of near death when Channel 13 spoke with her.  She gives most of the credit of her survival to her now cracked and scratched helmet.  “The helmet did what it was suppose to do,” she says.  “Took the brunt of the impact.”  She was in an accident just two months ago when she was traveling downhill and hit a root.  She was flung from the bike and landed head first.

She was lucky.  Unfortunately this weekend saw two children involved in bike accidents. Neither were wearing helmets and both were seriously injured.

She gives a final piece of advice, “You have to do everything you can to protect yourself. Because you’re the one that’s got to look out for you, because the other people out there probably aren’t.”

Have You Been Injured in a Bike Accident in Indianapolis?

You have to look out for your own safety when riding a bike by being cautious and wearing a helmet.  But who’s going to look out for you if you’re injured on your bike by the negligence of another person?  The Ken Nunn Law Office!

We represent bike riders that have been injured by negligent cyclists, motorists, or anyone else who did you harm.  If you’ve been hurt on your bike, contact the Ken Nunn Law Office for a free case review.  And always be safe when cycling!

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