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Stay Safe and Cool at Indiana Waterparks

Stay Safe and Cool at Indiana Waterparks | Indiana Premises Liability Lawyers

With the summer temperatures soaring to record highs, Hoosiers have been desperate for relief from the blistering weather. The countless waterparks across the state offer a place to both cool down quick as well as enjoy thrilling rides. But these havens from the heat have their own unique set of dangers that can quickly ruin a fun day in the sun. But if you’re aware of these dangers and do your part to stay safe, and if the waterpark does the same, you’ll have no problem keeping cool.

The most dangerous aspect of Indiana waterparks is the potential for drowning. Although the risk of drowning is much higher in backyard pools, the threat is still exists at public pools and waterparks even with lifeguards supervising the swimmers. All pools should have enough lifeguards on duty so that each guard is able to scan their entire area within 30 seconds; if it takes any longer, the pool is understaffed. But when it comes to small children, nothing is going to protect your child, better than you keeping a constant eye on them.

Don’t Settle For the Insurance Company’s Meager Payout After You’ve Been Hurt at a BusinessThe rides at Indiana waterparks, like a ride at any amusement park, are capable of causing serious injury, even death. As these rides get bigger and more elaborate each year, the potential for serious head injuries, back injuries, and broken bones increases as well. The parks are responsible for making sure that the rides are safe for the swimmers, but it’s also crucial for the riders to obey all safety instructions.

A danger that most don’t think about before entering a waterpark is the possibility of contaminated water. Each year more than 10,000 people across the county will get some form of infection from waterparks. The chlorine in the water often kills dangerous germs, but if the chemicals aren’t properly maintained or supervised contamination is still possible. Cloudy water is a warning sign, as is burning eyes. And as a rule it’s important not to swallow pool water and to keep your ears clean from it.  The dangers of chemicals in pools hasn’t been more obvious than in the recent chemical leak at Garfield Park Pool in Indianapolis, which we previously discussed.

Waterparks know the dangers and attempt to keep themselves safe from premises liability suits by posting broad warnings and often adding disclaimers on the backs of tickets stating that all swimmers are completely liable for their own safety. These generic ‘enter-at-your-own-risk’ safety nets often don’t hold weight in court. It’s simply not reasonable to assume that all visitors are responsible for improperly treated water that makes them sick or poorly maintained rides with serious design flaws.

Indiana Premises Liability Lawyers

Waterparks are fun and the possibility of illness or injury shouldn’t keep you from enjoying them. You should feel personally responsible for your own safety and the safety of your family, but if the negligence or carelessness of the waterpark causes you or a loved one harm, you have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries.

Don’t Settle For the Insurance Company’s Meager Payout After You’ve Been Hurt at a Business

You don’t have to fight alone. The premises accident attorneys at the Ken Nunn Law Office bring decades of experience in settling property liability cases and want to help you after you’ve been injured by a business’ negligence.

But don’t wait! There may be a limited window for you to file your injury claim. Contact the Ken Nunn Law Office right now and let them get started on your Indiana premises liability case today with a free case review.

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