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State Officials Will Extend the Deadline for Stage Safety Rules

State Officials Will Extend the Deadline for Stage Safety Rules | Indianapolis Wrongful Death Lawyers

Indiana lawmakers are still working to put regulations in place that would prevent future disasters similar to last year’s tragic stage collapse. High winds brought the temporary stage down on a crowd of State Fair concert goers, taking the lives of seven people and injuring over sixty.

Fair officials came under fire in the wake of collapse for not having a developed emergency plan in case of such a tragedy. The company that leased the stage was also scrutinized for not constructing the stage to be able to withstand winds required by established building codes. Previously we’ve discussed the settlements that the company that leased the stage will be paying to the victim’s families, but what are Indiana legislators doing?

The deadline for regulations to prevent future stage collapses has been extended.According to a former member of a state Board of Building Standards, regulation is critical to ‘preclude the use of inferior or unsafe building structures, poorly constructed, hastily erected, improperly maintained, or inadequately protected’ structures.

Soon after the stage collapse, Indiana lawmakers immediately put into place temporary rules for rigging stages but these rules were set to expire on January 1st of 2014. At that time, it was planned to have permanent regulations ready to take effect. But now the state’s Fire Prevention and Building Commission will have an additional two years to adopt the permanent regulations.

The Outdoor Stage Equipment Safety Committee believes that the building commission needs extra time to polish rules that would both protect the public attending events as well as not unfairly hinder smaller events. The commission will have until 2016 to put new regulations in place.

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The ramifications of the tragic accident at the State Fair are still being felt by families that lost loved ones, and no amount of money will alleviate their heartbreak. But the settlements that are being paid to the surviving families will hopefully help relieve their financial burdens.

If you’ve lost someone you love in an accident in Indianapolis, you may also be entitled to recover money damages. Seek counsel with an experienced accident attorney that knows wrongful death claims inside and out. The attorneys at The Ken Nunn Law Office have been practicing law in Indiana for over 45 years and have the knowledge and compassion to help you through this incredibly troubling time.

Contact the Ken Nunn Law Office and let us get started on your wrongful death case today with a FREE consultation.

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