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Stage Owner Rejects $7.2 Million Settlement for Injury Victims

Stage Owner Rejects $7.2 Million Settlement for Injury Victims | Indianapolis Wrongful Death Lawyer

Previously we touched on how the Indiana State Fair honored victims of last year’s stage collapse by observing a moment of silence and reading the names of those killed in the tragic accident over the loudspeaker. At the time there was also a planned settlement of $7.2 million to be paid by Mid-America Sound, the company that leased the stage that toppled and killed 7 and injured nearly 60, but it looks like that settlement has been rejected.

A $7.2 Million settlement has been rejected for the victims of the Indianapolis stage collapse.Mid-America claims that not enough victims agreed to the deal for them to continue forward. The settlement had originally been proposed by the Indiana Attorney General which would have combined the $7.2 million paid by Mid-America with $6 million provided by the state. The $13.2 million joint settlement would have protected both the company and the state from further lawsuits.

Some of the holdouts on the deal didn’t believe the company should be so easily released from liability in the deaths of their loved ones and claimed they are ‘seeking justice, not a quick backroom deal.’

The joint settlement would have also protected the state from being sued by Mid-America for any claims brought against the company. Mid-America claims that State Fair officials signed invoices that cleared the company of wrongdoing and any action brought against them would be the responsibility of the state.

Even though the joint settlement has fallen through, the $6 million that will be paid by the state has been approved and will be dispersed to victims and to the estates of those killed as soon as possible.

What can you do after a wrongful death in Indianapolis?

When someone is killed by the deliberate or negligent act of another person or persons it’s considered a ‘wrongful death.’ Indianapolis wrongful death claims can be filed by the family of victims, and the money they’re awarded can go toward covering medical and funeral expenses. The suit can also provide a family with money damages for work wages that they’ll no longer receive due to their loved one’s untimely death.

Wrongful Death Attorney Indianapolis

To help you and your family through the heartbreaking loss of a loved one, you’ll want the help of an Indianapolis accident attorney experienced in settling wrongful death cases. The Indianapolis personal injury lawyers at the Ken Nunn Law Office know Indiana law, know wrongful death claims, and will fight to get you and your family the compensation you deserve after your loved one has been killed.

Get the closure your family deserves. Contact Indianapolis lawyer Ken Nunn and let him get started on your wrongful death claim today with a free legal consultation.

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