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Similar Truck Wrecks Still Have Unique Consequences

Similar Truck Wrecks Still Have Unique Consequences | Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyers

Grant County was the setting for not one, but two major truck accidents over the weekend. The wrecks shared many similarities – both occurred in the northbound lanes of Interstate 69 and were rear-ending collisions. But ultimately all accidents are unique with a variety of differences. The only true consistency is that accident victims and their families will be affected for a long time to come.

Two Indiana trucks accidents left Hoosiers and injured and dead.Sunday afternoon, a woman and her two children were driving down I-69 when a congested construction zone caused them to slow down. As the mother hit the brakes, the semi-truck behind her didn’t. The truck smashed into her car with enough force to push it forward into another vehicle. It was also with enough force to leave the woman and her children with injuries. The truck driver walked away physically unscathed but did find himself cited for driving too fast to avoid an accident.

Sunday afternoon’s accident was certainly scary for the family involved, but thankfully they left the crash site with their lives. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case in the Indiana truck accident that occurred on Friday afternoon. In this instance it was the tractor trailer that slowed down for congested traffic, and the other driver that failed to hit the brakes. The driver smashed into the back of the semi and was killed on impact.

Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers in Indianapolis

Every Indianapolis truck accident is different. Sometimes you can walk away with just a dented bumper or scratched fender. But sometimes you’re left seriously injured, and in the worse cases, you can lose someone you love. That’s why if you’re involved in a semi-truck wreck you’ll want help from Indianapolis accident lawyers with experience in settling truck accident claims.

Let the Ken Nunn Law Office be the law firm that helps you through the aftermath of a truck accident. We’ve served truck accident victims in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana for forty-five years, and we want to put all those years of knowledge toward getting you the money you deserve.

We can get started with a free, no obligation case review, but you need to contact us right away.

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