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Should Doctors be Held Responsible for Deadly Overdoses?

Should Doctors be Held Responsible for Deadly Overdoses? | Personal Injury Lawyers Indianapolis

Prescription drugs are a tricky topic. For a lot of people they can truly be a lifesaver, allowing you to either overcome a serious injury or illness, or at least cope with the pain as you live out your life. But some of these drugs are incredibly powerful and should only be prescribed in severe cases and under the close supervision of a medical profession. Four doctors that run clinics in Kokomo and Burlington have found themselves in trouble after mismanaged drugs prescriptions have led to a staggering number of deaths.

Last week, the Indiana Attorney General’s Office filed an emergency petition to immediately suspend the licenses of four doctors after they were linked to twenty-six patient’s deaths since 2008. The emergency petition has now been lifted since the doctors agreed to no longer prescribe controlled substances like narcotics or opiates. They’ll be allowed to continue to practice medicine until the Medical Licensing Board decides disciplinary actions.

The question has become whether or not the four physicians are responsible for the premature deaths of their patients. If it’s proven that they’ve been either over-prescribing powerful pain medicine or prescribing unsafe drug mixes, negligence would be obvious.

Doctors prescribed dangerous drugs that may have led to several deaths.The evidence against them is fairly substantial. Multiple patients have passed away from an overdose of drugs prescribed at the Kokomo and Burlington facilities. Many patients came to the clinic and were prescribed serious narcotics on their first visits without an appropriate evaluation of their medical history. Some were already prone to drug abuse and others had pre-existing conditions that could lead to deadly consequences from certain mixtures of medication.

Many of the patients were simply prescribed powerful drugs and never properly monitored, without an appropriate pain management plan in place, and were able to continue receiving these drugs up until the moment they died. Did the doctors ignore the risks?

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Sometimes the people we trust the most are the ones whose negligence is most damaging. If you’ve been injured or if you’ve lost a loved one by the negligence or carelessness of another person, you deserve justice.

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