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Several Face Charges After Staging Car Accident

Several Face Charges After Staging Indiana Car Wreck | Fort Wayne Auto Accident

Getting into a car accident may be one the most frightening and life-changing experiences any Indianan will ever face. Crashes can come out of nowhere, leaving accident victims suffering from serious injuries and burdened with massive debts. Knowing the hardships that Indiana car accidents bring, it’s always puzzling when you hear that someone has gotten into one on purpose. But that’s exactly what happened in a recent Fort Wayne auto accident that sent several people to the hospital.

Indiana police arrived to the scene of a two-car collision near Fort Wayne, IN earlier in June. In one car a 19-year-old woman and her female passenger both seemed to be seriously hurt as they were ‘crying and complaining of pain.’

In the other vehicle were three men. The 20-year-old driver was standing outside his smashed car, having escaped the wreck unscathed. The same can’t said for his passengers. One was described as having ‘a large amount of blood on his head and appeared disoriented,’ while the other was ‘complaining of pain.’

The women in the other car were the only ones involved in the Fort Wayne accident that were taken by helicopter to hospitals in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. When their injuries were found by investigators to be ‘extremely minor’ it began a chain of suspicions that ended in charges for many involved.

Fort Wayne auto accident ends up being staged to collect insurance.Upon further investigation it was found that the 19-year-old driver lived with one of the men in the other car, and all participants seemed to be connected to one another. It was also found that the men’s car was stopped in the middle of the intersection at the time of the collision which went against the victims’ claims.

It didn’t take long for the 19-year-old to admit to police that the entire auto accident had been pre-planned and staged in order to collect insurance.

Now she and the driver of the other car are facing charges of insurance fraud, a Class C felony that can carry a four-year prison term, and five misdemeanors including providing false information and four counts of criminal recklessness. The other participants in the Fort Wayne car accident are yet to be charged.

Fort Wayne, IN Auto Accident Lawyers

When you’ve been hurt in a legitimate car accident, you can be left with a ton of questions and not know who to turn to. The car accident attorneys at the Ken Nunn Law Office have been serving accident victims in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Bloomington, and throughout Indiana for over forty years and can help guide you through this trying and difficult time.

Don’t settle for what the insurance companies want to pay you, get an experienced Fort Wayne auto accident lawyer on your side and get the money you really deserve.

Contact the Ken Nunn Law Office today and let them get started on your car accident injury claim with a free, no obligation case assessment.

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