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Semi Damages 140-Year-Old Covered Bridge

Semi Damages 140-Year-Old Covered Bridge | Big Truck Accident Attorneys Indianapolis

In 1873 a covered bridge was built in DeKalb County. The 160 foot bridge spanned the St. Joseph River, giving local residents a convenient way to get across the water and go about their business. For 140 years the Spencerville Covered Bridge survived the elements and was even restored in 1981 when it was placed in the National Register of Historic Places. But the structure that survived for fourteen decades was nearly brought down by one careless truck driver.

It’s not just other motorists that are harmed when semi-truck drivers have a lapse in judgment; property is often damaged as well. The historic covered bridge located near Fort Wayne received over $100,000 dollars in damage when a man attempted to drive a semi across it.

A semi goes off course and damages a 140-year-old bridge near Fort Wayne.The truck driver claimed he was simply following his GPS when he entered the bridge, despite it clearly being marked with a clearance of only 12 and half feet and most trailers are easily a foot taller. The 18-wheeler ripped apart one of the entrances and shattered several roof trusses as it plowed across the river. The county highway superintendent was with the Indianapolis engineering firm as they assessed the damage and said, ‘He started on the west end and actually took the east end with him.’

The bridge was closed on Wednesday and the driver was charged with ‘felony criminal mischief.’ To make the damage even more senseless, a bypass bridge had been in place in the county for heavy traffic and big trucks since 2003.

“How is the Community Responding to the Truck Accident?”

The community had an intense amount of pride in the old bridge, going as far as holding an annual Spencerville Covered Bridge Festival. One resident called the damage ‘a huge travesty for the community.’ They went on to say, ‘I think everybody is pretty dumbfounded and not able to comprehend how anyone in their right mind could drive a semi through a 140-year-old covered bridge. It just boggles the mind. I just don’t get it.’

Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyers

No one was hurt when the semi hit the bridge, but most often truck accidents end with someone being injured. And if you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, you’ll want the help of injury attorneys experienced in handling big truck claims. They may not have been around for 140 years, but the Ken Nunn Law Office has been around for four decades, and they know how to get you the financial compensation you need when you’ve been injured.

Contact the Ken Nunn Law Office today. They’re the Indianapolis accident lawyers that know big trucks.

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