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School Bus Accident Takes The Life Of Pedestrian In Perry Township

School Bus Accident Takes The Life Of Pedestrian In Perry Township

Often when we discuss bus accidents, it’s a vehicle that has negligently slammed into a school bus, injuring the children onboard. It’s the reason our auto accident lawyers in Indianapolis have long been advocating for seat belts on school buses. But we also have to remember that school buses are big dangerous automobiles themselves, and if a bus driver is negligent, the rest of the public could be in danger as well.

Just last week a pedestrian lost his life when he was struck by a Perry Township school bus. The man was walking through the intersection of Thompson Road and Madison Avenue when the bus turned left and collided with him.

The man who was killed was well-liked in his community. News Channel 8 collected some of what local business owners had to say including:

  • “He’d come clean our parking lot and shop at our store and, of course, the restaurant. He was there every day. It’s just kind of a sad deal,”
  • “You never expect something like that. Especially if they get killed.”
  • “He lived in the neighborhood and was an intricate part of the neighborhood. It’s sad it happened.”

It goes to show how quickly tragedy can strike and the impact it can have. Whether the bus driver was driving recklessly or negligently is yet to be revealed. She has, however, been placed on leave. In a release by the Perry Township School they said, “As per protocol, the driver was taken for mandatory testing. The driver has been placed on leave during the investigation. Counseling services are being provided to our staff member.”

That’s not an admission of guilt of any kind, however. Early reports say she had the right of way and wasn’t impaired at the time of the wreck.

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