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Have You or a Loved One Been Injured in a Car Wreck? Our Indiana Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You Seek Compensation  

Indiana is known for its large amount of farmland and rural roads. While rural roads present dangers to drivers year-round, traffic typically increases during harvest season because farm implements travel on the roadways. Farm implements, or equipment, can include tractors, balers, and plows and often take up a large amount of space on the roads and travel at much slower speeds.

Due to slower speeds and higher traffic, car accidents can occur more often than normal. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries due to an auto accident on a rural road, our Indiana car accident lawyers can help you through the legal process. We believe our clients deserve justice for injuries caused by someone else’s careless actions.

To help reduce your chances of being involved in a car wreck on rural roads, it’s important to use extra caution and be mindful of any farm equipment on the roads, especially during the harvest season.

Safety Tips to Implement on Rural Roads

It can be frustrating to drive in heavy traffic due to slow-moving farm machinery, however, you should be considerate and share the roads. Below are safety recommendations to help keep you and other drivers safe on rural roads.

Tips for Both Automobile and Farm Machinery Drivers  

  • Share the road- Farm machinery is typically massive in size and can take up more than one lane, which is why it’s imperative to share the road. In some cases, you may have to merge over towards the emergency lane to allow an adequate amount of space between your vehicle and the machinery. If traffic is backed up, farm vehicles should pull off to the side if it’s safe and allow some of the traffic to pass.   
  • Be patient- Farm machinery usually doesn’t exceed  25 mph. While it might be inconvenient to travel at a slow speed, it’s important that you’re patient with farmers operating machinery. Don’t tailgate and allow enough space between your vehicle and the farm machinery.   
  • Slow down- When you approach any type of farm machinery, make sure to slow down to avoid a collision.

Tips for Passing Farm Machinery Safely  

  • Before you pass, check for oncoming traffic.
  • Be on the lookout for any signs or mailboxes that may cause the machinery to merge to the center of the road.
  • Safely judge whether or not your vehicle and the farm machinery have enough space when the road is tight.

Tips for Farmers Operating Equipment on the Roads  

  • Always pay attention to your surroundings and oncoming traffic.
  • Before you drive farm machinery, make sure the lights work correctly.
  • Ensure you have a sign that says, “Slow-Moving Vehicle (SMV).”

The tips listed above can help create safer roadways for all drivers on rural roads. For additional driving tips while traveling on rural roads, you can visit IN.gov. However, we know that accidents can still happen. If a collision occurs, it’s critical that you are prepared to handle the situation.

What if I’m Involved in a Collision on a Rural Road?

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If you’re in a motor vehicle accident, it can be difficult to determine how to best proceed. The decisions you make immediately following a collision can drastically impact your potential claim should you decide to file. Listed below are tips you can follow if you’re involved in a car accident:

Do not flee the scene

It’s illegal to flee the scene of an accident and you could potentially face criminal charges. Even if it’s a minor accident, remain at the scene until help arrives.

Check for injuries

Safety should be your primary concern, which is why you should check to see if you or anyone else involved in the collision has been injured.  

Call emergency responders

If no one appears to have suffered any injuries, still contact the police so a police report can be filed.

Do not admit fault

Even if you believe you were partly responsible, do not admit fault. Allow a police officer to determine who caused the accident. Admitting fault can greatly impact your chances of receiving compensation in the future.

Collect contact information

It’s essential to collect the other drivers’ contact information such as a driver’s license number, phone number, and insurance information.

Inform your insurance company

Even if the accident was not your fault, you still need to contact your insurance company to inform them you were involved in an accident.

Capture photos of the collision

Photographs can be an important tool when determining who is at fault for the automobile accident. It’s in your best interest to take photos of the scene of the accident, if possible.     

Contact our Indiana car accident lawyers

The moments after a car accident can be challenging to navigate without appropriate legal guidance. Our attorneys can analyze the specifics of your case and determine any legal options you may have.     

An accident can occur at any moment, but if you keep these suggestions in mind, you may have a better chance of receiving compensation.  

When I Hire an Attorney, What Can I Expect?

When you hire our car accident lawyers we may conduct the following actions to prepare your case:

  • Gather evidence such as medical bills, photos, and the police report.
  • Determine what type of legal options are available for your car accident case.
  • Keep you up to date on the progress of your case.
  • Help determine the compensation you deserve for any damages and injuries you suffered.

Every automobile accident case is different, so the manner in which we handle your case will depend on the unique circumstances of your situation. However, we always strive to go the distance for every client to help them receive the compensation they deserve. If you’re uncertain about your car accident case, it’s in your best interest to call our office and speak with one of our experienced attorneys.  

Contact Our Trusted and Knowledgeable Attorneys Today

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At the Ken Nunn Law Office, we believe our clients should receive the compensation they rightfully deserve after an accident that wasn’t their fault. We know Indiana rural road conditions can be dangerous, and if you’re involved in a wreck, we can help. We know how to handle the insurance companies and can ensure you that our law firm will seek justice on your behalf.

We understand how life-changing an automobile accident can be. That’s why we want to take some of the stress off your shoulders, so you can focus on recovery.  

Whether it was a motorcycle accident, car accident, or truck accident, our team of Indiana car accident lawyers can review every aspect of your case and help you through the legal process.

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