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Safety Tips for Those with Epilepsy

Safety Tips for Those with Epilepsy

While many car accidents are caused by driver error, some are caused by medical conditions. One such condition is epilepsy. Whether you suffer from epilepsy or not, here are some things you should understand about the disorder:

  • While some cases of epilepsy are hereditary, it is often caused by a brain infection or injury. This may include a brain tumor, a fall, or a concussion suffered in a car accident.
  • Some symptoms of epilepsy include loss of consciousness, staring spells, confusion, and uncontrolled jerking movements. If you started suffering these symptoms after a slip-and-fall accident or car wreck, go see a doctor. If epileptic seizures started after the accident, our Indianapolis injury lawyers can help you.
  • Seventy percent of people suffering from epilepsy are able to control symptoms with proper treatment. Medication is commonly prescribed. Surgery and other treatments may also be helpful.
  • While those with epilepsy can often drive, there are limitations. In Indiana, people with epilepsy may obtain a driver’s license if their physician provides a statement that the person is on medication and is seizure-free while taking medication.
  • While Indiana does not have a set period in which the person must be seizure-free, some state have set limitations. Some states require the person to be seizure-free for six months or a year. Other states require the person to have regular medical check-ups for a specific period and be seizure-free in order to continue to be licensed.
  • Rates of motor vehicle accidents are higher for those with epilepsy than those without, but most of these accidents were caused by those driving without a license or those who failed to report their epilepsy when obtaining a license.
  • If you are suffering seizures, get treatment and do not drive for a while. Although this might be inconvenient, it is better than putting your life and other people’s lives in danger.

Even if you are a careful driver, accidents happen. If you were injured in a car accident caused by another driver, contact us.

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