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Simple Safety Tips For High Accident Areas

On April 1, a 1-year-old child was seriously injured in an accident along U.S. 20, near Michigan City. The SUV the child was riding in was struck from behind by a semi-truck. Unfortunately, this is not the only accident in this area. Since January 2015, fourteen of the at least 40 accidents along U.S. 20 between Indiana 39 and U.S. 35 have happened in this area, making it a high accident zone. While there are likely high accident areas near your home or workplace, there are steps you can take to avoid an accident in these areas.

  • Know the high accident areas around your home, work, or other areas where you go frequently.
  • If possible, avoid roads where accidents frequently happen. Taking an alternate route, especially one that only takes two or three minutes more, could prevent you from being involved in an accident and may ultimately save you time.
  • Many roads or intersections that are consider high accident areas have specific times when accidents are most frequent. This might be during rush hour, when children are coming and going from school, late at night, or other times. Even if you cannot avoid the road entirely, you may want to avoid it during those specific times.
  • Be extra diligent about using your blinker early, slowing down early, and letting other drivers know your intentions when driving in an area where accidents happen often.
  • Watch carefully for other drivers. Be aware of a driver in front of you who is slowing down, stopping, switching lanes, or turning. Adjust your driving accordingly.
  • Adjust your speed for traffic. Accidents often happen in areas where drivers are in a hurry.
  • Eliminate distractions. This includes cell phones. It may also require turning off the radio, avoiding eating or drinking, and even stopping conversations with passengers. When driving in areas where accidents happen often, keeping your focus on the road is essential.

Many of these suggestions can be used to help prevent accidents whenever you are driving. Sometimes, though, the actions of other drivers cause accidents. If you were injured in an accident caused by another driver, our Indiana car accident lawyers can help. Contact us to talk to a qualified lawyer for free.

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