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Learn about Projectile Risks in Car Accidents

projectile risks in car accidents

When people consider the source of the injuries they could suffer during a car accident, what typically comes to mind is the impact of their car against another vehicle or a roadside object. They might also imagine the car flipping over or catching fire. What they usually overlook is the possibility of objects in the car becoming projectiles, causing injuries that range from scrapes to severe head trauma.

What are some examples of projectile risks in car accidents?

  • Suitcases. In a high-speed accident, a heavy suitcase has the potential to become a powerful projectile, even lethal.
  • Mugs or thermoses. These can also go flying around your car, and at high-speed they can cause injury. If there’s hot liquid inside any of them, that’s an additional source of damage.
  • Digital devices. Whether it’s a cellphone, tablet or a GPS system, these devices could also result in injury such as cuts and contusions.
  • Unrestrained pets. When pets go along for a ride, people often fail to restrain them properly; for instance, some survey data show that only 16% of drivers use a restraint system for their dogs in their car.
  • Unrestrained people. This is yet another reason to wear a seat belt.

What are some of the ways you can better protect yourself against potential projectiles?

  • Store suitcases and other heavy objects in your trunk.
  • If you have to keep heavy objects in the car, you can store them more towards the ground instead of up on a seat.
  • If your vehicle has a cargo area, store the objects in it with tethers, nets and other restraints to help keep them secured.
  • For smaller objects that you don’t need to have immediately on hand, use your glove compartment.

When you contact experienced Indiana car accident lawyers after an accident, they will fight for you to receive compensation for damages including medical costs. But even before an accident occurs, you can take some preventative steps to try and reduce the potential damage that could be inflicted by projectiles in your car.

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