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Poor Communication Leaves Parents Upset After Bus Accident

School bus accident leaves children injured

As parents, there are few situations more frightening than having your children hurt in an accident.  If you’re not there to comfort them, the feelings can be even worse.  All you want to know is that your kids are okay, that they’re in good hands.  Well, several Indianapolis parents are incredibly unhappy with how local school officials handled a recent bus accident that sent several of their children to the hospital.

Last Wednesday, a Washington Irving Elementary School bus was hit head-on by another vehicle in the 800 block of North Rural Street.   Of the sixteen students on the bus, eight were taken to Riley Hospital for Children to be treated for injuries.  While none of the injuries are being described as serious, the major complaint by those kids’ parents is a lack of communication of behalf of the school’s officials.

One mother reported to that she wasn’t aware of the crash until another parent told her.  By the time she made it to the scene of the accident, her son had already been rushed to the hospital.  Other parents that arrived on the scene had to be told by police whether or not their children were taken to the hospital or taken home by another bus.

It begs the questions.  Exactly how long were school officials going to wait to alert parents that their children might have been seriously injured in an accident?

Do You Need an Injury Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis?

For over 45 years, Ken Nunn has been serving Indiana families that have been affected by serious accidents.  He knows just how frustrating, even frightening, a serious injury can be.  All you want to do is get better or to see your loved one recover.

Unfortunately, injury accidents are never that simple.  There can be mountains of paperwork or medical bills that can quickly become overwhelming.  But the Ken Nunn Law Office can help.  If your accident was caused by another’s negligence, our Indianapolis accident lawyers can handle the details of your case and fight to get you the financial compensation you deserve.  Just contact us today to learn how.

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