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Police Officer’s Trial After Alleged Drunk Driving Fatality

Indiana wrongful death case involving police officer

The trial of an Indianapolis police officer that is accused of recklessly hitting four motorcyclists, taking one’s life, continues in Marion County.  The officer is accused of crashing his squad car while responding to call in August of 2010.  The man is facing nine counts of drunk driving, as well as charges of criminal recklessness and reckless homicide.

The officer’s superiors have already stated that he shouldn’t have been speeding, that he was responding to a call that didn’t require haste or even his lights and sirens, but the real question has become whether or not he was intoxicated at the time.  His attorneys are hoping to prove that he wasn’t, and they claim to have the witnesses to back it up.

His eyes were bloodshot after the accident, but his defense claims that was due to the airbags.  Other officers on the scene are backing up that they didn’t smell alcohol on the man’s breath.  The Prosecutor, however, reminded that vodka doesn’t have a smell, and the night before the accident, a friend of the accused testified that he had been consuming vodka.

After the wreck his blood was drawn for testing and it was found that he had a blood alcohol content of .19%, over twice the legal limit.  In a twist, those tests were thrown out because it was decided the technician who did the blood draw wasn’t qualified.  Later, the Indiana Supreme Court overturned that decision and said the tests were admissible.  It’s a trial that changes every day.

Do You Need a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Indianapolis?

There is so much back and forth in these trials, that it could make a person’s head spin.  That’s why we suggest you get someone with experience when filing a wrongful death claim, and we’ve been fighting for the surviving families of accident victims for 45 years.

If you’ve lost someone you love due to another person’s negligence, let the Ken Nunn Law Office take on your case.  All you have to do is contact us today!

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