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Plumbing Worker Rescued Hours After Trench Collapses

Plumbing Worker Rescued Hours After Trench Collapses | Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorneys

‘We have all kinds of trenches dug around Hamilton County. [It’s] a fast-developing community so it’s something we need to be prepared for in case it happens.’ This was a Noblesville firefighter describing the dangers collapsing trenches pose to plumbing workers in developing Indiana neighborhoods. He was one of the many emergency responders that raced to an Indianapolis suburb Monday morning after a trench reportedly collapsed on a worker.

A plumbing company was busy digging a trench to install a new sewer line in front of a house. One of the workers was in a 12-foot deep hole when the walls collapsed and buried him to his waist. At first his co-workers attempted to dig another ditch to get their friend out but only made the situation worse. They quickly decided an emergency response was necessary.

Firefighters found the man conscious and alert but in serious danger. ‘This is a big compression injury and he was down in the hole from 12:42 until a little bit after four o’clock. ‘ The responder continued saying that the situation was especially dangerous because removing the man too fast could actually increase the pressure of the dirt around him.

A trench collapses in an Indianapolis suburb injuring a worker.The crew secured the walls of the pit and used industrial vacuums to extract dirt from around the man. A responder described it as a ‘very methodical process. If we start shoveling without any kind of shoring… if that comes collapsing on us, now we’ve compounded the problem by adding two or three more victims.’ They also detoured traffic so that vibrations from passing vehicles wouldn’t cause further dirt to collapse.

After over three hours he was finally pulled from the hole and taken to the hospital.

“What Will Happen After the Injury Accident Near Indianapolis?”

The Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration is currently investigating the incident. These investigations are mandatory in cases of severe injury or death, but the administration can launch a review into any incident at their own discretion. They’ve gone ahead and launched an investigation before even knowing how badly the worker was injured.

It could take two to three months, and will determine if the accident was in fact avoidable and if the company had the proper safety measures in place.

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