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Parasailing Accident Involving Indiana Teens Results In Settlement

In July of 2013, two teens from Indiana were in Panama City looking for fun on the ocean during spring break. To take advantage of the warm waters and clear skies, the girls decided to go parasailing, but negligence on behalf of the parasailing company would nearly take the girls’ lives. It seems like they may be finally getting the compensation they deserve, however.

On that day in July, the girls were high above the water being pulled behind a motorboat. The line tethering them to the boat broke loose and the girls were flung into the side of a hotel and ultimately onto a hard concrete parking lot.

A lawsuit filed against the parasailing company as well as the rental company and tow rope manufacturer has resulted in a settlement that will help cover medical expenses and continued care. As personal injury lawyers in Indianapolis we know that despite financial compensation, the road to recovery will still be difficult though.

In the violent collision, both girls suffered serious brain injuries and could potentially face medical challenges for the rest of their lives including double vision, constant pain, and confusion.  According to one of the survivors, “I have a brain injury, so, I mean, things are a little off sometimes; people walk up to me, they are like, ‘How are you?’ and I’m like, ‘Do I know you? What do you mean? What’s happening with that?

Hopefully receiving compensation will help take away the financial burden and will allow the teens to look to the future. And maybe it will also serve as a warning to other negligent companies. According to the lawyer representing the girls, “Other resorts now, according to what I know, are sitting up and taking notice of this and they are going to be much more attune to their guest safety.”

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