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Hurt In Any Accident?

One Serious Accident Can Quickly Lead to Another

Accidents are a complete whirlwind for everyone involved. One minute you’re traveling down the road and in a flash, without warning, you’ve collided with another vehicle. The cars come to a stop, but the danger is far from over. Sometimes one accident starts a chain reaction that involves many other vehicles, and that means more chances for there to be an injury or for someone to lose their life.

As wrongful death lawyers in Indianapolis, we know that multi-car crashes are easily the most devastating because so many lives are affected at once. But all accidents have a cause and part of dealing with these tragedies is finding out exactly what happened.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding a recent deadly accident in Jasper County. Indiana State Police believe that a woman was traveling south down Interstate 65 when she lost control of her car. The car was spinning out in the roadway when another driver came barreling toward it. The approaching driver clipped the side of the spinning vehicle and ran into the inside shoulder. Unfortunately that wasn’t the end. An approaching semi-truck couldn’t stop in time to avoid the cars either and smashed into the first vehicle, causing injuries that would eventually take that driver’s life.

Let Us Put Our Best Indianapolis Wrongful Death Lawyers On Your Side!

Obviously there’s a lot of confusion that follows a big accident, especially one that involves a death. It can take someone experienced in handling these large scale cases to answer all your questions. When a person is lost in an accident, their surviving family deserves answers, and if the accident was caused by another person’s negligence, they might also deserve compensation.

If you’ve lost someone you love in an accident, you can turn to the Ken Nunn Law Office. We have the experience and resources to best handle your Indianapolis wrongful death claim and always fight to get the maximum compensation.

If you want us to get started with a FREE case review, contact the Ken Nunn Law Office as soon as possible!

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