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Noble County Head-on-Collision Auto Accident

Noble County Indiana traffic

A 20 year-old Fort Wayne resident was driving his Ford Explorer in Noble County, Indiana on a Monday morning when he fell asleep at the wheel and drifted head on into a van pulling a trailer.

auto accident in Noble County INThankfully no one was killed. The driver of the van refused medical attention on the scene. The Fort Wayne man was flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital with an injury to his right leg. Both men were lucky to get out of this accident alive.

Being in a head on collision can be the most terrifying experience of your life and you deserve to have someone on your side that knows your rights.

Noble County Auto Accident Lawyer

Ken Nunn is a fighter for you. When you meet with him you have his undivided attention. Nunn will not fall asleep at the wheel on your case. He has more than 42 years of personal injury experience in Indiana. He defends Indiana’s citizens tirelessly.

Do not let someone else’s negligence keep you suffering. You do not have to refuse medical attention in a situation such as this. You do not even have to worry. Let Ken Nunn and his personal injury lawyers assist you in getting the settlement you deserve from such a life-altering event.

Falling asleep at the wheel is only one reason automobile accidents happen. There are plenty of accidents that on the surface seem smaller, but in reality they are just as important. Most often accidents happen because of cell phones, changing the radio or even a failure to yield.

It is painful and stressful to be in a wreck. Do not allow yourself to be any more inconvenienced than you already have been. Let Ken Nunn protect your rights as he fights to get you the money you deserve for your car accident injuries.

If you’ve been injured in a Noble County auto accident, contact the Ken Nunn Law Office today!

Ken offers FREE LEGAL ADVICE to injured victims and their families.


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