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Never Take the Safety of Your Passengers Lightly

Never Take the Safety of Your Passengers Lightly | Indianapolis Wrongful Death Lawyers

After you’ve been driving for decades, even just years, you can start to take it for granted. It’s easy to ignore the fact that this simple mode of transportation has the power to take away lives. But ultimately you’re in control of the vehicle. Without you, it’s just a machine made of metal, glass and rubber, so your own personal responsibility when operating a vehicle should never be taken lightly.

When you’re behind the wheel, you’re not just accountable for your own safety; you’re accountable for your passengers’ as well. There’s rarely a time where that accountability is more blatantly neglected than when the driver is drunk. That’s what is believed to have happened in a deadly car accident in Indianapolis over the weekend.

A drunk driver caused an accident that took the life of two of their passengers near downtown Indy.Early Sunday morning, police responded to a burglar alarm at a business on Indy’s eastside, but they found something other than thieves when they arrived. A car had smashed into the building, leaving the business and vehicle heavily damaged, but it was the conditions of the car’s passengers that was truly tragic.

The car was careening down a dead end street when the driver failed to stop and crashed into the building at the end of the road. The car rolled, ejecting two of the passengers and killing them on impact. Another passenger was rushed to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries. The only person that escaped the crash relatively unscathed was the driver. But she’ll be facing her own consequences, because she was drunk at the time of the wreck. She was ultimately arrested and faces charges of “operating a vehicle while intoxicated, causing death and operating a vehicle while intoxicated, causing serious injury.”

Wrongful Death Lawyers in Indianapolis

When a driver drinks and drives and causes a serious or fatal accident, they should be held responsible. If you’ve experienced a loss at the hands of a negligent driver, let the Ken Nunn Law Office take on your case. Indianapolis injury lawyers will work diligently to prove that a death was caused by negligence and that you deserve compensation for your loss.

The Ken Nunn Law Office has been serving the families of wrongful death victims for over four decades – let them serve your family during your time of need. Contact us today for a free case review.

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