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Multiple Vehicles Involved in Fatal Crash on I-70

Multiple Vehicles Involved in Fatal Crash on I-70 | Car Accident Lawyers Indianapolis

As summer comes to close and fall begins, many folks are trying to squeeze in one last road trip. Maybe it’s to see relatives in another state or one last trip to a favorite scenic destination. The area around Indianapolis boasts some of the most scenic byways in the country. Many flock to the area to see the famous Indianapolis Speedway to soak in the aura of this iconic racetrack. Others come to see the famous Indianapolis Zoo which, since its opening in 1964, has grown into a world class attraction playing host to millions of visitors. To others it is the draw of the NCAA Hall of Fame where they can learn more about collegiate athletes from all over the country.

Whatever brings people to Indianapolis, one thing is certain — traffic is heavy on the highways when you combine out of state visitors with local commuters. Add in construction that is taking place to improve the roadways and you have a recipe for disaster. On September 22 in the early afternoon, a young family from Mississippi was travelling through Indianapolis when tragedy struck.

A pile-up on I-70 has left two people dead and several injured near Indianapolis.This young family was traveling on Highway 70, west of the city, when they stopped at a construction zone. They and several other vehicles were stopped in the eastbound lane when a truck failed to slow and plowed into the rear end of a pickup stopped behind the young family’s BMW. The pickup was pushed off the road and the truck careened into the back of the BMW, which burst into flames after striking another vehicle.

Construction workers, passerby’s and responding police pulled the young family and the other drivers out of the vehicles, immediately starting first aid. The driver of the BMW sustained minor injuries, while the truck driver and the pickup’s driver were transported to the hospital. Emergency responders tried in vain to save the young mother and child, passengers in the BMW, but they tragically succumbed to their injuries at the scene.

“What Happened After the Tragic Auto Accident in Indianapolis?”

The preliminary investigation by the Indiana State Police show the truck failed to stop at the construction zone but not why. Their investigation continues and when completed it will not only reveal why, but who is ultimately responsible. The one thing this investigation cannot do is bring back the wife and child lost on this family trip. The responsible party will be held accountable in criminal court, but how does the young man deal with all that is to follow? Mountains of hospital bills and other expenses will only add to his burden and grief. Where does he turn at a time like this? Who can help him to seek the justice he deserves in a compassionate and caring manner?

Indianapolis Auto Accident Lawyers

That person is Ken Nunn of The Ken Nunn Law Office. Ken and his team have over 42 years of experience protecting those injured in traffic accidents. If you or loved have suffered a loss in a car accident, time is of the essence. Contact Ken Nunn now and let him fight to get you the justice you deserve.

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