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Multiple Big Trucks Cause Major Accident On Interstate 65

Any driver that has been involved in an accident with a big truck knows how much devastation they can cause. The sheer size and weight alone means that when a semi-truck and smaller passenger vehicle collide, the smaller vehicle is going to take a lot of damage. As truck accident lawyers in Indianapolis we know that the more big trucks involved, the greater the destruction will be.

The consequences of a multi-vehicle accident were on full display this weekend on Interstate 65 near Columbus. According to Indiana State Police, a tractor trailer was headed south when it failed to slow down for a slow-moving pickup in front of it. The tractor-trailer rear-ended the pickup with enough force to push the truck into the back of another car.

The chain reaction didn’t stop there. The second car that was hit was actually forced underneath the back of another semi-trailer. That semi-trailer began to roll, finally coming to a stop when it collided with the back of yet another big truck. That’s five vehicles involved in an accident because one semi-truck failed to yield.

The driver of that first big truck was trapped in the cab and had to be extracted by the Columbus Fire Department. He suffered serious injuries to his legs. The driver and passenger of the pickup he hit suffered their own injuries and were taken to a local hospital. The driver of the car that continued the chain reaction suffered lacerations to her face, and even the second semi driver involved in the wreck suffered head pain. It goes to show how much destruction one big truck can cause.

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