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Motorcycle Accident Claims Life in Indianapolis

Motorcycle Accident Claims Life in Indianapolis

A fatal motorcycle accident occurred just before 5pm Monday in Indianapolis on the city’s east side.  The 22-year-old rider was traveling east on Washington Street when the deadly collision took place.  As the motorcyclist entered the intersection at Post Road a van heading west on Washington turned south onto Post, crossing directly into the bike’s path.

The motorcycle slammed into the front passenger side of the minivan and the 22-year-old was violently thrown from the bike.  When authorities arrived they pronounced him dead on the scene.  The 59-year-old driver of the van was treated at the scene for non-life threatening injuries.

Man Killed on Motorcycle in Indiana.One of the more common hazards of riding a motorcycle is your limited visibility to other motorists.  Often by the time a motorcycle is seen by another vehicle, it’s already too late for them to prevent an accident, and unfortunately accidents involving motorcycles are more likely to end in serious injury or death.

But there are ways when riding to make sure that you’re seen on a motorcycle.  The most important is staying out of the blind spots of other motorists – if you can’t see the driver, the driver probably can’t see you.  Also, leave plenty of distance in front of you to give yourself maximum time to maneuver away from dangerous situations.

Smaller details like riding a brightly-colored bike and wearing brightly-colored clothing can make a big difference as well.

By Indiana law “a motorcycle and motor-driven cycle must be equipped with at least one (1) and not more than two (2) head lamps.”  It is also only required you use your head lamps between sunrise and sunset, or during any conditions where vehicles or people are not “clearly discernible at five hundred (500) feet ahead.”  Despite not being required by laws, it’s more beneficial to have more than one head lamp as it’s easier for other motorist to distinguish the speed of a vehicle with two lights spaced apart.  Also, running your lights during the day can improve the chance of you being seen by other motorists.

Taking steps to improve visibility while operating a motorcycle can play a significant role in avoiding more tragic events like the fatal accident in Indianapolis.

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