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More Cars in an Accident Mean More Injuries

More Cars in an Accident Mean More Injuries | Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers

Increase the number of cars involved in an accident and you’re going to increase the number of injuries. One act of negligence, one absent-minded driver, can cause a world of trouble for multiple drivers. Once a chain reaction of car wrecks starts, the injuries and damages can pile up as quickly as the vehicles. That’s what appeared to happen on the southwest side of Indy Tuesday evening.

Without warning, a man driving a company truck swerved out of his lane on Mann Road and into oncoming traffic. He soon smashed into a van and the accidents piled up from there. By the time the dust had settled at least three more vehicles were involved in the wreck and multiple people were injured.

Multi-car pile up near Indy leaves several injured.At least one of the drivers was in critical condition and had to be rushed to a local ER. Others were also injured including a pregnant woman who had to be taken to a local hospital and three others that joined her after they suffered their own injuries. The emergency crews that responded weren’t immune to danger either as at least one firefighter had to be treated for a minor injury when he was hurt responding to the multi-car accident.

The circumstances surrounding the wreck or whether anyone will face charges is still unknown. Right now authorities believe a medical condition, like a sudden drop in blood sugar, may have caused the truck driver to lose control of his vehicle.

Indianapolis Auto Accident Lawyers

The greater the amount of carnage after a wreck, the more confusing the ensuing investigation will be. That’s why you’ll want an Indianapolis accident lawyer with decades of legal experience to help you navigate the confusing aftermath.

The Ken Nunn Law Office has a proven track record in handling difficult car accident cases and aren’t afraid to stand up to big insurance companies. It’s in the insurance company’s interest to pay you as little as possible, but we believe car accident victims deserve maximum compensation.

Let us take on your Indianapolis car accident claim. We can get started with a free case review right away.

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