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More Big Trucks in an Accident Mean More Destruction

An accident with a commercial truck can leave you seriously injured

It’s no secret that accidents that involve large commercial trucks are some of the most devastating.  Their sheer size and weight mean that when they are in a wreck, there is a greater chance of both property damage and serious injuries.  So what’s worse than an accident that involves a big truck?  How about an accident that involves two?  How about an accident that involves four?

That’s what happened on Interstate 70 over the weekend in Indianapolis.  What exactly occurred hasn’t been determined yet, but by the pictures it appears to be a string of rear-end accidents.  The accidents were quite severe, however, as one of the semi-trucks had its gas tank ruptured and spilled nearly 100 gallons of fuel.  The leaking fuel demanded a response by the Indianapolis Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Team.  They quickly used materials to absorb the fuel and keep it from contaminating the groundwater.

At this time it thankfully appears that no one was injured in the massive tractor trailer pile-up, but the situation certainly caused a headache for all the other motorists.  Traffic was basically at a standstill for everyone trying to get onto I-465 for the majority of the day.

Do You Need an Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyer?

It doesn’t take four big trucks to turn your life upside-down.  If you’re involved in a wreck with one commercial truck you could suffer injuries that could affect you for a lifetime.  That’s why if you’re injured by a negligent truck driver we suggest you get an experienced Indianapolis truck accident attorney to take on your case.

The Ken Nunn Law Office is ready to be the one that represents you.  We’ve been fighting back against negligent trucking companies and their drivers for 45 years, and we know what it takes to get you the money you deserve.  Contact us today and ask the Ken Nunn Law Office what we can do for you when you’ve been hurt in a truck accident.

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