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Massive Pile-Up on I-70 Still Under Investigation

Massive Pile-Up on I-70 Still Under Investigation | Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers

The true magnitude of the effect that a single car accident can have on the lives of the people involved is staggering. Now magnify that accident by nearly 40 more vehicles and the consequences can be immeasurable. This is exactly what multiple victims and their families are dealing with after the massive multi-car pileup that occurred on I-70 on January 31st. Even a week later the exact cause of the deadly wreck is still being investigated.

The massive accident occurred in Hendricks County as the roads became extremely slick with snow and ice as high winds blew snow across the interstate which made visibility difficult. Cars and tractor trailers began piling up, one after another, unable to stop in time to avoid a collision. Ultimately 23 trucks and 14 other vehicles were involved in the pileup. At least seven people were injured, some seriously, and one man, who was in the sleeper cab of one of the semis, passed away from the injuries he sustained in the accident.

Pileup left one dead and several injured in Indiana.Police are saying that “while the winter squalls were a factor in the multi-vehicle pile-up, it may take up to 10 days before they can determine the catalyst… the weather caused visibility to decline quickly resulting in drivers rapidly slowing their speeds but at different rate, thus resulting in numerous conditions.” We join the family in mourning the loss of such a young life and hope for a speedy recovery for all those affected.

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Whether it’s a massive pileup or a simple fender bender, accidents can have a lasting effect on those involved. That’s why if you’ve been affected by an Indianapolis injury accident, you’ll want help from injury attorneys that understand the heartbreak and stress that follows. The Ken Nunn Law Office has been serving the people of Indiana for 45 years and is ready to take your case.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident, don’t wait. Contact Ken Nunn today for a free review of your case.

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