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Man Takes Up Golf After Hand Transplant

Man Takes Up Golf After Hand Transplant | Indianapolis Accident Attorneys

Over a decade ago, an Indianapolis man had both his hands injured in a work accident. His right hand was crushed and his left hand was mangled when he got them caught in a steel splitter machine. His right hand could be salvaged but doctors ultimately hand to amputate the left. Now 14 years later and the man is defying the odds by swinging a golf club.

Since the amputation, the man had been functioning with the use of prosthetics, but he was always searching for a better solution. A few years ago, the man heard of Kleinert, Kutz, and Associates Hand Care Center in Louisville, a group offering the possibility of a full hand transplant.

It took two years of testing and screenings, but eventually the surgery was performed. A little more than a year after the transplant and the man says there’s not much he can’t do with the new hand. ‘You know, I get more and more feeling in it every day… It just gets better and better.’

A man is playing golf after losing his hand in a work accident.And he’s now getting more use of it than ever before. Last week he took his first golf lesson. ‘I always thought the sport was interesting, but I didn’t dare try to play it with one hand.’ His bold efforts haven’t gone unnoticed and Nike has even presented him with a new set of clubs and free lessons.

Who Makes These Transplants Possible After Traumatic Accidents in Indianapolis?

The injured Indianapolis worker’s hand transplant was made possible by the Indiana Organ Procurement Organization (IOPO). The organization raises awareness about organ donation and pairs those in need with those that chose to donate.

In the event of limb donations, the IOPO offers prosthetics so that donors can still have an open casket at their funeral. But they claim that some decline the prosthetic since they’re proud of the way their loved one provided for another, even after death.

Indianapolis Amputation Injury Lawyers

Ask the Ken Nunn Law Office what they know about amputation injury claims. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, you need the support of an experienced injury attorney in Indianapolis. You need the Ken Nunn Law Office.

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