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Man Charged After Stealing and Wrecking Police Car

Man Charged After Stealing and Wrecking Police Car | Indianapolis Auto Accident Lawyer

Earlier in the year, an Indiana police officer pulled a 23-year-old man over on a routine traffic stop. After finding drug paraphernalia in his vehicle, the officer handcuffed the young man and stuck him in the back of the patrol car. The officer went back to search the man’s vehicle more thoroughly and was shocked to see his patrol car pulling away from him.

The suspect had managed to get his handcuffed hands from behind his back, climb into the front seat, and take off in the police car. According to reports he used the police radio to have a 25 minute conversation with law enforcement where he asked where the cigarette lighter was and how to unlock the handcuffs.

Police considered the man ‘armed and dangerous’ since he now had access to the firearms inside the patrol car. The car was found soon after, fully submerged in water after having been wrecked into a drainage ditch. The young man wasn’t in the car, fortunately all the weapons were.

 A man steals and gets into a Indianapolis auto accident in a police car.According to officials, ‘The road was a 90 degree turn and it looks like he didn’t know where he was at and was driving at a high rate of speed and hit the brakes and went right into the ditch.’

The 23-year-old turned himself over to authorities two days later.

What will happen to the suspect after the auto accident in Indianapolis?

The man has now been charged with felony counts of escape and auto theft. He pleaded guilty to stealing and wrecking the police car in order to have the charges of fleeing law enforcement and criminal mischief dropped.

He’s facing a 6 year prison sentence and will be paying for the damage to the police car.

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